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January 1st, 2012:
Check out this company called Smith Electric Vehicles if you would like. Never the less, depending on where and what you read; things look a little different when you take it all in. Sad actually; now that it might go to Wallstreet greed with an IPO anytime now. The deal is: A British carriage company has had a degree of success in the UK and Europe and did so with a little help with getting money out of the British government over the years.
     However the got bought up by a company named Tanfied which had been dabbling into anything that would make it money. Smith electric own the patent rights to a gear box one could use in regenerative braking and stuff, but uses other peoples electronic packs you could say. They tried to get things together with Ford, but that fell through. But they did get something going with the arm of GM that makes the Hum-V. (I guess.)
     Anyhow, after a few golf games I would image. And maybe a few young escorts; in the process of obtaining money from the US Government - all they had to do was put together a company called Smith US. (Which is 49% Tanfied and 51% Smith US which is in the hands of private investors, but Tanfield gets the royalties.)
     You would not believe how many million of dollars in grants they have received. (later.) And the figures I'm not able to come close to are the ones like where the City of Fresno received grants to help pay for the addition cost over convention diesel engine buses. Now less pollution is always good, but the bottom line here is that the Smith Electric Vehicles Company has been subsidized by tax payer's dollars, which in turn created a monopoly for the company - and - it's going public so that it will become another one of Wallstreets power houses. Yes folks, with all the monopoly involve, the market of the commercial electric delivery vehicles and buses are going to be under the control of Wallstreet investors if they have their way and the government has used your money to do it. Oh yeah, the camps on Wallstreet are just history like I thought they would. Did nothing but give the homeless permission to camp in the park a few days. Until next time- Party on.
Here is the text that I'm going to be working with later during the next rewrite tonight Jan 1st.

In November 2011, the company announced that the Newton would be built at Hunt's Point in the Bronx in New York City in a $5 million 90,000 square foot warehouse. New York offered incentives of $3.4 million from the Empire State Development Corporation, $1.5 million from the state Energy Research and Development Authority and $1.7 million from the city Industrial Development Agency.
Also in February 2009, Smith US announced it was partnering with Humvee manufacturer AM General to produce a prototype electric delivery vehicle for the United States Postal Service[69].
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tanfield Group PLC Type Public (AIM: [1]) Industry Electric vehicles, Aerial work platforms, Engineering Founded 2003 Headquarters Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom Key people Roy Stanley, Chairman Website
The Tanfield Group, formerly Comeleon, has changed its main focus from automotive components and imaging equipment to electric vehicle manufacturing and specialist engineering. As Comeleon, the company made 3D images for mobile phones and other devices, but saw the bottom drop out of its key handset market in 2003. In 2004, Comeleon was absorbed by the Tanfield Group. The company has since expanded to include electric vehicles and aerial work platforms.
The group is made up of the following companies:
Aerial Access Jumbotugs Norquip SEV Materials Handling Smith Electric Vehicles Snorkel International UpRight Powered Access Tanfield Engineering Systems Ltd
Corporate structure
Tanfied owns 49% of Smith US. The remaining 51% is in the hands of private investors.
Being majority-owned by US investors means that Smith US qualifies for the significant funding and incentive opportunities for electric trucks, which are available at both State and Federal level.
Smith US owns the exclusive rights to produce and market Tanfield’s commercial electric vehicles under the Smith brand. Tanfield licencese its electric vehicle technology to Smith, in exchange for a royalty fee per vehicle sold by Smith US.
Smith US produces the Smith Newton all-electric truck, in Classes 3 - 7[73]. The Newton has a top speed of 55 mph, a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge and is powered by lithium-ion batteries.
In July 2009, Smith US delivered its first Smith Newton trucks, at a ceremony on Capitol Hill, presided over by Missouri Senator Kit Bond. The first six customers were Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, AT&T, Staples, Pacific Gas & Electric and Kansas City Power & Light.
Government support
In July 2009, the Department of Energy awarded $10m to Smith US, to facilitate a fleet of trial vehicles for major US corporations. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke made the grant award announcement in Kansas City, while on a visit to Smith US customer Kansas City Power & Light.
In January 2010, the Smith Newton became the first ever all-electric truck on the US General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. The schedule is a list of products approved for purchase by all Federal agencies and the US military. These agencies spend a combined $1 billion every year on GSA-approved vehicles and automotive services.
Right at the end of March 2010, Smith US received further validation from the Obama administration. US Senator Claire McCaskill announced that the DOE was awarding an additional $22m, allowing Smith US to increase its build programme to in excess of 500 Smith Newton trucks.
CEO Bryan Hansel identified a West Coast and East Coast centre as priorities, with more to follow in line with demand – and dependant on local grant aid and incentive support for electric trucks. Cities in the running include Atlanta, Chicago, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington DC[78]. [edit] March 2010: Smith US bids for independence
Smith US launched a bid to buy out the Smith UK operation, in order to create a totally separate company to Tanfield.
Smith US made a £37m conditional offer, equating to 50p per Tanfield share, plus a “free” share in Smith US if it subsequently undergoes an IPO and joins the stock market in the near future. Tanfield granted Smith US a four-month period of exclusivity, giving the American company until July to raise the requisite funding and table a firm offer. Following Obama's visit to the Kansas City plant on July 8, the exclusivity was extended another 60 days to September 2010.

Funny thing: Hackers (thieves,) are now able to find your car with the use of you satellite do-hickey and command it to unlock the door and start for them.

In my opinion, the next guy in line are ones who own a tow truck and will be able to make your car brake down at will.
And oh yeah, many of the drivers get commission. LOL!

September 7th, 2011:
Swedish car maker SAAB has filed for bankruptcy. They have already borrowed capital, but it wasn't enough and they are trying to get more from the Chinese. That is if Begin lets them.
    Saab's problem is that they actually need to sell at least 3-4 times the amount of cars they are selling now to brake even.
In my opinion, Saab should be trying to figure out how to manufacture something else in their factories to save the jobs there.
    Update:Dec.29,'11, Turns out the Swedish government gave them a loan for R & D and not for paying the bills. That was what some called the double edge sword.
    They had been bought up by GM and the dogged because the SAAB as going to be competing with GM in China. Also GM owns many of SAAB's patented things and would let a company out of China to buy it. So in the way I look at it. GM killed SAAB.

I think the whole design thing is about making a car uggly as possible, so that people will notice it when everyone hasn't gotten one yet. Between the ones on the street and the hundreds of times we are forced to look at them on our TV set.   The public grows tired of them fast and just wants to look at something new. It doesn't matter if it's ugly or not, just as long as it's something they haven't seen a zillion times.

Can you image that you are about to witness $100,000,000.00 launch of the new  Toyota Tundra. We're going to have their dam commercials coming out of our ears.
          I'd say throw it back in the lake, but even the Locness has more class than a Toyota.
I can't believe those trucks will even sell, they look like they have a big chrome frown on the front of them. They're butt ugly.
          And gee, did you see the three piece frame they came up with for it? It's like stamped out wish bone  meets cast-iron just hope things keep tight.

I get a kick out of that commercial of the two idiots driving one of the ugly Avalanches down a dirt road. They think that switching the piece of rattle box junk to an open truck is a good idea. But they don’t show all the dust that swirls around the back and into the cab as they drive off at the end of the commercial.
I bet the insurance companies hate those Tinker Toy Avalanches. I wouldn’t doubt a guy could lie down in the back of the bed and kick-in the dam rear fold away wall and help themselves to the TV set.

I had to laugh when Ford came out with SUV commercial where the little girl asks her mother if the piece of junk goes potty. Boy, how stupid do they think we are?

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Helpful Hints

If you do decide to buy a new automobile, I hope it's a decision that you have thought about for a while. Just as you may want to think about how short amount of time a few months would be to custom order it direct from the factory. For one thing, you'll save around $1,000.oo alone for not paying the advertising fees, a car on the car lot will have attached to it.
            Those advertising dollars are why to don't see me or my truck on TV.

And - Oprah never gave way 250 cars;            General Motors did.

Those Pesky Germans
July 14, 2008


Oct. 21,'08: I found this thread over at CR4, a place where engineers hang out. I have to say I agree with these guys for the most part. The interesting thing about it is that it clears up a lot of mis-conceptions about the Hydrogen Car. They know of the problems associated with it. Like one thing I didn't realize is the thay tend to leak out the hysrogen. So the storage tank may not stay as full as you left it for one thing. And another thing is that the energy needed to make the hydrogen, can end up polluting more than a car driven on Natural Gas.
    There is a post mentioning the percentage factors of the different pollutants that are emitted from Gas, Diesel, -verses- Natural gas.
Check it out
Where Are Al@ CR4 Globalspecl the HydroGen Cars

By the way, I read today Oct. 21 in the WSJ that people in Thailand are scarffing up car that run on natural gas. (Brazil and Pakistan are right behind.) Funny thing about all this is even though Honda offers a natural gas Civic in the US, they only manage  to sell a few thousand of then each year.
     Get this natural gas prices on the stock market are 47% below their July  peak.
 And what is it with this: Barrels of oil where up to about $140 per barrel at one point and I saw the price of diesel at $5.30 per gallon. But now that a barrel of oil is running about $70.00 I only see Diesel at $4.69 per gallon. Gee I would think it would drop to around the $2.50-$3.00  rang wouldn't you.

        But no way; OPEC is just going to cut production to make it go back up.
     See more about this:
@ BBC Oil at 16 month low.

And for those who think we should become independent upon oil from other counties. You don't know what you are talking about, because I did the math. If the US used only US oil, the US would run out of oil in less than three years. So I say buy it up from other countries, as much as we can get at no matter what the price, because in a long run, who ever has oil in the end wins.       We shouldn't even be burning petroleum in are vehicles and we should be saving the oil for plastics and rubber.
      What gets me is: Australia doesn't have any oil, however they have natural gas, yet they pay a premium for gas and diesel. But the real troubling thing about it is that they are building ships with big tanks to ship natural gas to other countries. I gotta tell you that there is something wrong with that. 
   Another thing that is happening, is that Officials from Russia, Iran and Quatar are meeting to discuss establishing an OPEC-style cartel for natural gas. The US as well as energy importing nations in Europe are a little nervous about that idea because the three counties own about 60% of the natural gas reserves. The EU depends heavily on Russian natural gas. Critics on the proposal say "energy supplies have to be sold in a free market."
  Smells like trouble to me.

  Hybrid tax credit shock

  March   2008:   Get this: Ford's own internal research shows its approval rating at just 44%, GM's Chevrolet brand at 49% and Toyota is at 74%
            Funny how these auto manufactures claim that they are loosing money. While Ford's stock price is running at about half as it was a year ago, they just awarded CEO Mulally and other executives a total of 2 million stock units valued at nearly $15 million along with 6 million in stock options.
              And what do you think we get from all this?
A new add campaign. " Drive one." Yeah drive one into a hole in the ground. Or drive one crazy hearing it all the time.

Girls of the Day

Ford and Roush are being sued over rarity of Mustangs. Basicly the two companies came up with the idea of selling a customized version of the Mustang. They told the buyers that they were only going to build 100 of the Roush Stage 3 BlackJack editions when they put them on sale in 2007 for $58,846.25; but then they turned around and built another 100 to sell in 2008. A buyers such as Drew Connor of Bardonia NY who bought the one with the #2 identity plate, have filed a class action suit against the two companies claiming the second hundred that Roush modified and Ford sold at their dealerships, drasticly reduced the value of the first 100 sold.
     I say stick it to them guys.

I found this bit in the WSJ on 8/6-08


Its only Junk

Have you bought a

The truth be told, they can sell you a lemon and treat it as if they leased it to you for $.25 per mile and they will drag the whole process out until the last few days before it goes to a court, (at which they would have to label it as a lemon unless they take it to a state where there is no lemon law.)

And when they finally buy it back (before the court hearing,) they won't even have to label it as a lemon when they put it back on the same car lot you bought it from.

I guess I should post another segment from my book about how that game plays out.

It's as if the auto makers had their hands in on the legislation written into the lemon laws.

Still, the $15.00 it cost to register the van for the lemon law was the best $15.00 I ever spent.

My bit on Belinda Stronach and the Magna International Inc.
her father Frank Stronach
(from Austria) founded in Canada.
(April 11, 2007)

Girls of the Day

The Other Systems Available

January 4, 2008: I rans across some stuff on Yahoo/Forbes: which I think is a bunch of hog wash. It's about the five most over priced cars. All it talks about is incentives, and to me, it feels like a ploy just to get a person to go out there thinking they have some advantage car shopping from reading it.
If you want to waste you time reading something drop by the
Yahoo/ site. (I just had to laugh.) 

Caddy Trunk
@ Synchro-Link


  You may be wondering what I think of all this. Well I never thought Daimler should have been buying Chrysler in the first place. Chrysler was a company which had more employees that Daimler and Chrysler was making more profit per employee.
       Therefore Chrysler was the bigger of the two and some how the CEO sold out the company (with $700 million in severance pay.) And any change in the auto industry can only be considered good, because what it has been, is bad.


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